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1. Choose your art work from one of the Galleries.
Choose the technology, the matte, the frame and the dimensions for that art piece using the menus existing in the Gallery. Preview your choice.

2. Calculate the price of your customized artwork variant choice

Dimensions, technologies & Prices (in €)
(only the art work, without matte and frame)
  Epson Photo Stylus 2100
UltraChrome Inks on Epson paper
Durst Lambda
Laser on Photo paper
Digitograf / Repligraf
Oil on (fabric) canvas
A4 100 75 200
A3 - 125 350
A3+ 200 - -
A2 - 225 700
A1 - 400 1200
A0 - 700 2000

The mattes (passé partout), frames and finishing are free of charge.
You will pay (cash) only in the moment the postal delivery.

3. Launch the command
Read the Terms and conditions, prior to any other action.
Fill in accurately the Order Form containing all the details we need:
- art work details (code, technology, matte, frame, dimensions);
- contact details;
- delivery method.
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