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Launched in the 2000 year, this is the very first Romanian Fractal Art Gallery = ROFAG.
ROFAG contains a selection of the artworks created by ViGuera in the last 9 years.

ViGuera = Viorel (my name) Guliciuc (family name) Emilia (wife) Roxana (daughter) Alina (daughter).
ViGuera = a Philosopher ... an Inventor ... a Professor... a Fractalist ... an Editor ... a Poet ...
ViGuera = the best and world well known Romanian Fractal Artist.

The art works displayed here could be achieved using the best long lasting technologies.
Some of them are illustrated here. For the rest, please ask.

For each artwork there are only a few unique combinations of effects & technologies.
The customer decides on the materials, technologies, delivery & payment.
He could buy an irreproducible variant of an art work or the whole series of variants of an artwork.
In both cases, only the customer has the right to name that art work or series of artworks.

None of the artworks from this website can be in any way used without ViGuera's express agreement. See: Terms & conditions.
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